Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/24 - 9:00am

I just talked to the Nurse from Harrington Cancer Center.

The new MRI they did was a stronger MRI than the one that they had previously done last week. This new scan shows that there are 3 tumors in Roger's brain. Lora (the nurse) indicated that this was good news because apparently it is easier to eliminate a small tumor than it is a larger one. She said that Dr. McCormick was still confident that he could rid dad of these.

The PET scan that he had yesterday that will show any kind of tumors anywhere else in the body should be back today some time after noon. She said she will call my cell phone to let me know those results too.

My fear is that if there are three in the brain, then are there more elsewhere. I already had that fear, but now that we are dealing with multiple tumors in the brain, I am even more nervous.

Every prayer you say is precious to Dawn and I - and to Roger also.

I appreciate every one of you who read this and I know dad does too.


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