Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New update 02/18 11:30 am


Ok. We just talked to Rich from Dr. Cones office.

We were told last night that the tumor by a Dr that the tumor was isolated and not deep at all in dad's brain.

Rich Jones came by dad's room today and talked to Dawn. Apparently the tumor IS deep and has wrapped itself into dad's brain. I envision it more like a octopus with legs rather than a golf ball. Rich also mentioned that it is effecting both sides of dad's brain.

I do not know the size yet.

Rich said that Dr Cone and dad's lung cancer Dr. are consulting and trying to decide whether it is worth the risk of going in and possibly causing more numerological damage, or if radiation is a better option at this point.

Dad is foggy. He is not super aware of what is going on and it is frustrating for me. I won't speak for Dawn, but I imaging it is for her as well.

My family is coveting your prayers. We got a call yesterday from Nicholas' school telling us we had to come get him because of suspected pink eye and that he could not return without a Dr's note. Sigh....... really? not a huge deal, just a frustration with everything else that is going on.

Pray that I can be all I need to be for those that rely on me. Pray for dad. Pray for Dwan and Casey and Andrea. Pray for our health, both mental and physical. Pray for my kids. Pray for Nolan...... Pray for the Doctors.

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  1. You guys are in our prayers...please let us know if we can help with the boys or in any other way. I know that you will have lots of people step forward to help...remember we all love you and your sweet family.